About us

Who are we?

AMPI is led by the National Physical laboratory in collaboration with SMEs, Universities, and local authority in Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire, and funded through UKRI’s Strength in Places Fund.


We focus on the technologies that will deliver the next generation of machinery for manufacturing


Icon to depict Machine Tools

Machine Tools

Material processing, removal and addition

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Robots/Cobots & automated handling

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MIS, ERP, MRP, IoT, networks, industry 4.0

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Metrology & Sensing

Remote monitoring, AI, standards, calibration

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Digital & Electronics

CNC, CAD, CAM, analysis, software, diagnostics

    Get in touch with us

    AMPI is an industry led initiative. We’d like to hear from UK companies to provide:

    Foresighting. We need to hear what machinery manufacturing challenges need addressing and how companies want to engage.

    Technical Assistance. If you have a technical challenge that you need help to resolve, then we’re available to support.

    Future funding. We welcome UK based firms as we continually build our portfolio of innovation and advanced machinery R&D.